NetBackup VMware Backups - to SWAP or not to SWAP

In our configuration of NetBackup, we came across the option to "Exclude swapping and paging files" when performing VMware Backups. This sounds good right? Less to backup (making backup windows smaller) as it'd all be recreated on reboot anyways?

Caveat emptor!

First, excluding the swap doesn't exclude the files, merely the data within.

Second, depending on your version, if you have multiple swap files configured in Windows, it may only exclude the first and not the remaining, per article:

Third, and what I find to be the most critical, when backing up Linux VMs with this option enabled (which I think it is by default), upon restore the /swap partition isn't created and/or the swap is disabled. This will require you to manually re-enable or recreate the swap partition. This is stated in the following knowledge base article:

Unless you are backing up so much data that you simply cannot handle the added space of a swap file, it would probably simplify your life during a recovery to simply turn this option off. Sure, it saves you a bit of space, and maybe a little time, but the potential issues that could potentially arise, particularly in an emergency restore, seem to outweigh the benefits.

Happy Admining!