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My journey to vExpert and beyond(part 1)

So to start with, I'd like to make it clear that I'm a Backup Admin by profession, NOT a VMware Admin. I have managed VMware systems previously, and am VCP certified on multiple versions but it is not my day-to-day job. I developed an interest in VMware back when I was a tech support engineer for a company and needed a reliable system to allow me to run multiple operating systems for testing purposes. Dual booting with GRUB, while it would work, was not convienent. Enter GSX. This little application, alone with VMware Server met my needs and sparked my curiosity. After a couple of years in support, I eventually moved on to a regular Backup Admin job, which reduced my normal day to day exposure to VMware. I worked in that role for a couple of years, eventually deploying my first VCB deployment, bringing VMware back into my daily operations. Time passes. Job ends. Now I'm in the job market with a very specialized career direction (backups). While job hunting, I decided it w