The Unofficial Backup Admin's Handbook

I've been discussing the topic of "what's involved with being a backup admin" and was encouraged to write up an unofficial "guide". This is NOT intended to be an end to end how-to setup your backup environment, but what would normally be common knowledge to those in the role of a Backup Admin.

I may (and probably will) make recommendations or generalizations. Just remember, this is what has worked for me in my environments and my opinions. Ultimately you must review your requirements and tailor any solution to meet your needs. I'm committing myself to write up this multi-part post to further share the knowledge I've accumulated in the hopes of preventing someone else's headaches.

I will try to stay as vendor neutral as I can so this information will be usable by a wider audience.

As a note, all backup products do the same basic functions, just with different processes or terminology to achieve this. Regardless of product used, the generalized topics covered here should help the average Admin.

Check back as this list will continue to grow as more content is added.