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NetBackup 8.0 Certificates for port 8443

So we ran into an issue with our PCI Compliance scan with our NetBackup 8.0 environments. This happened on both the appliance and the standard Unix system install. The issue was related to port 8443 using a certificate in which the subject common name (CN) didn't match the name of the box (usually because it was FQDN). The appliances started off with the subject being "CN = nb-appliance, OU = NetBackup, O = nb-appliance". This I assume is a factory default setting. The standard install actually had it as "CN = servera, OU = NetBackup, O = servera" where "servera" is a name of the system (I obviously replaced our system name with this for confidentiality reasons). The process to correct this problem was surprisingly easy, although not publicly documented well. This ONLY replaces the port 8443 certificates. It is as follows (Please only do this while under the supervision of a Veritas Support Engineer): Log into the appliance via SSH with a privi