CommVault VADP Backups - Single file restores gotcha Part Deux

I wanted to take a second to clarify a couple of parts that could be misleading or easily misunderstood.

First, the "all or nothing" part of the restore mentioned refers ONLY to VMDK restores, not to single file restores. I included the comment in the post as this was part of the discussion as an option that I was provided by CommVault Support today.

Second, the suggestion to use either the Linux Restore appliance or the VMDK restore method was recommended when restoring a total size >100GB or a very large number of files (think 1,000+ or so).

Third, the total size of free space required is an amount equal to or greater than the TOTAL size of data to be restored, and needs to be available on both the staging disk (where the agent is installed by default) as well as the final destination location. An example discussed was if I wanted to restore a 10GB file to the D:\ drive, then by default, you would need 10GB+ available on both the D:\ (final destination) as well as 10GB+ available on the C:\ (where CommVault installs by default) to be used as a staging area for the data to be recovered.

So yes, if you plan to perform large directory recoveries using VADP Backups and Single File/Granular file recovery, you will need to plan accordingly. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the method covered would be the more traditional method.

Finally, this topic is intended to cover ONLY Single File/Granular File recovery, and does not cover the topics of Application Aware backups (such as Microsoft SQL, SharePoint or Exchange). Those are handled in a different manner entirely.

I would like to take a second to thank the people who were pointing out where I needed to clarify a few parts. Thanks Brandon Graves (@brandongraves08) and Matt Crape (@MattThatITGuy), as well as Ariel (@arielsanchezmor) for bugging me to keep posting.

What's next? Who knows :)


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